The Book

This is a most definite “under construction” page.   I am currently writing my first book, with a working title of “Practical Visioneering: The Handbook”, with a targeted release date of mid 2016.

The book is intended to “add to the conversation space” in that there are plenty of books out there on vision which focus primarily on the leadership at the high level. My book fulfils the gap between realising the need for a vision add the steps needed to create it in a practical way.

It effectively provides a toolbox that can be applied according to the user’s individual needs.  The book outlines a series of models which can be applied to different situations.

My daily target is 300 words a day, which doesn’t sound like much, for those of you who have written a book; you will know the pain.

Keep an eye out on my “Adding To The Conversation” blog for a update on the book.